Introducing Dollaz

Meet Dollaz, our exceptional AKC Registered Merle French Bulldog with impeccable genetics, robust health, and a flawless body structure, Dollaz is the ideal choice to elevate your breeding endeavors.

Why Choose Dollaz as Your Stud?

Outstanding Genetics

Dollaz boasts a pedigree filled with champions and top-quality lineage. His genetics are a testament to his potential for producing outstanding offspring.

Perfect Health

Dollaz is in peak health, maintained through regular veterinary care, a balanced diet, and an active lifestyle. His well-being ensures the health of your future litters.

Flawless Body Structure

Dollaz possesses big bone fronts with an impeccable French Bulldog physique, with a sturdy build and distinctive Merle coat that sets him apart. He embodies the breed standard.

Proven Sire

Dollaz has already sired multiple litters of healthy, happy puppies, all with his exceptional qualities. His offspring carry his remarkable traits and have delighted their owners.


Beyond his physical attributes, Dollaz has a gentle and loving temperament. He's a joy to be around, making him a fantastic companion and an excellent choice for breeding.


Dollaz lineage is filled with champions and exemplifies the highest breed standards for French Bulldogs. His impressive pedigree underlines his excellent genetic background. He hails from renowned bloodlines known for producing healthy and conformationally correct French Bulldogs.

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